Big Loss: Emanoel Araújo

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photo by Maycon Lima.

Big Loss: Emanoel Araújo

An associate of the Lina Bo and P.M. Bardi Institute, died earlier today in São Paulo. It is a loss for Brazilian culture – besides being an established sculptor. Born in Santo Amaro da Purificação, Emanoel began his career in Salvador and then moved to Rio de Janeiro, before settling in São Paulo. He was close to Pietro Maria Bardi, who in 1981 presented his exhibition at MASP. Emanoel directed and was responsible for the radical change of the State Pinacoteca and its reform years ago, having presented one of the exhibitions organized by the Institute at the time of Pietro Maria Bardi’s centennial and was also one of the artists who honored him in the Latin America Memorial exhibition, “Bardi of the artists” in 2000. Emanoel also created and directed the Afro-Brazil Museum, a reference in the recovery of the Afro-Brazilian identity in the country and a space of speech and exaltation of this African heritage so important for all of us. On September 7, he opened an exhibition about the Two Hundred Years of Brazil’s Independence in that museum.

The Bardi Institute regrets this irreparable loss for culture.

November 15, 1940 – September 7, 2022.