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Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro is a non-profit civil society organization whose income depends on the contribution of private companies, in terms of financial support and the involvement of people like you. By supporting the institution, you contribute to our mission and objectives, ensuring the continuity of our cultural projects. For 30 years, Instituto Bardi has been a pioneer in the areas of art, architecture, design, conservation of modern heritage, and maintenance of collections.

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Account name: Instituto Lina Bo and PM Bardi
Address: Rua General Almério de Moura, 200
CEP 05690-080 São Paulo – São Paulo – Brazil
CNPJ: 62.581.764/0001-75

Bank: Banco Santander S/A (033)
Agency: 4635
Account No.: 13002582-9

For international transfers:

Beneficiary bank: BANCO SANTANDER S.A.
Bank address: Av. Juscelino Kubitschek, 2235, 25th floor, São Paulo-SP

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