This privacy policy document explains how your information and data will be collected, used, shared and stored by our systems.



When you access or use our website you are giving consent and acceptance to this policy. This will indicate that you are aware of and fully agree with how we will use your information.

Collected Data

In addition to the data saved by cookies, we collect other personal information when you fill out a contact form on our website, such as name, e-mail, contact telephone numbers, residential / business address, CPF / CNPJ, date of birth.

This data is used ​​to enable features in our environment, send notifications and communicate about matters in which you may be interested.

Data Usage

Maintaining your privacy is paramount to us. Therefore, all your data and information are treated as confidential and we will only use them for the purposes available here and authorized by you. Thus, through this policy, you agree to provide your data to:

  • Allow access to features in our applications
  • Send notifications and general updates
  • Communicate about products, services, promotions, news, updates, events and other subjects you may be interested in
  • Personalize services so that they can increasingly adapt to your preferences and interests
  • Generate analytics and statistics to improve your customer experience
  • Better understand user behavior and build behavioral profiles
  • Sharing information

We may share your personal and associated data with business partners, advertisers, sponsors, and service providers, anonymously whenever possible, in order to preserve your privacy.

We may provide data and information about you, including your interactions, if required in court – an action necessary for us to comply with national laws – or if you authorize it.

Your data is confidential, whenever possible it will be encrypted, and only authorized people will have access to it. Use of data available in accordance with this policy. We will use all possible means and market practices to ensure the security of our systems and your data. Our servers are secured and controlled to ensure security and can only be accessed by authorized persons.

However, it is important to inform you that we cannot completely guarantee that all your data and information on our platform will be free from unauthorized access if you share it with others. You are solely responsible for keeping your login credentials in a safe place and using good password practices to hinder any unauthorized access. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.

You may at any time request a copy of your data stored on our systems. We will retain this information only when it is necessary for the purposes of this policy, or as long as it is necessary to maintain our company’s legitimate interests.

Deleting Data

All data collected will be deleted from our servers when you request it, by a free and facilitated procedure, or when it is no longer important or relevant to our company, unless there is any other reason for its maintenance, as a possible legal obligation to retain data or preservation need to safeguard our company’s rights.

Requests regarding the use of personal data

Any request for the use of personal data, whether under applicable law or as a result of the data protection policy above, must be made via email