It is possible to consult the archive with a visit scheduled through the form for research service. Access to the archive is limited to doctoral researchers, specialized researchers and museum curators.

For undergraduate and graduate students, as well as junior researchers, we recommend checking out the bibliography that exists on the couple’s life and work. In the case of using images by Lina Bo Bardi, we remind you that it is necessary to quote the source.


To publish Lina Bo Bardi’s drawings, it is necessary to request photographs of the drawings from Instituto Bardi through the form for licensing and use of images.

Submit the full reference by consulting the drawings in an online search.

To publish photographs of the personal and professional life of Lina Bo Bardi and P.M. Bardi it is necessary to contact us to schedule a search in the archive as the photographs are not available for consultation online. If the researcher has the complete reference and bibliography, the Institute can carry out the research internally, after requesting the form for licensing and use of image.

Not all images are scanned. For these, a longer waiting period should be considered.

After the request, the Institute will contact the researcher to send the agreement and fee quote. The requested contribution is necessary to cover the costs of image reproduction and administrative research work.

The use of the images must also be authorized upon release of copyright through / Email:

For photographs, unless in the case of exceptions, the photographer’s copyright must be requested directly from him/her or their representative; the same applies to the copyright of third parties or possible objects present in the photos. Such copyrights are not the responsibility of Instituto Bardi.


Instituto Bardi’s archive is composed of drawings, illustrations, sketches, Brazilian popular art objects, Italian and European art, furniture, documents, magazines, posters, photographs, photographic negatives, and books.

Applications from museums, foundations, cultural centers, and other institutions that meet the museological parameters for the conservation of works of art are considered. To request the loan of any work from our archive, you must complete the loan form and send a request letter signed by a legal representative of the institution. The document must contain the title of the exhibition and the name of its curator, the period and place of the event, as well as general information about the project along with a selection list of works. The Facility Report of the requesting institution is also needed.


Minimum deadlines for receiving requests:
• National loans: 06 months prior to the opening of the exhibition;
• International loans: 12 months prior to the opening of the exhibition.


Loan costs and conditions will be agreed upon after receiving the letter, and will depend on the size, timeframe, and nature of the project. The applicant must also bear any costs arising from the loan, such as packaging, transport, insurance of the works, costs of monitoring by courier, photographic registration, and preparation of the works (restorations, elaboration of frames, placement of anti-reflective glass, etc.).


In compliance with Brazilian national law Lei Federal nº 4.845 of November 19, 1965, the temporary departure of works from national territory is subject to approval by the Instituto de Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN) – Brasília office. For more information, see Portaria nº 262 of August 14, 1992.


Instituto Bardi performs furniture certification and authenticity verification of furniture designed by Lina Bo Bardi and Estudio Palma.

Through research within its archive, a documental, historical and iconographic survey is carried out. Upon analysis, a report is issued containing the verdict, either negative by means of a letter, or positive by means of a certificate of authenticity.

In addition to document analysis, the studio includes verification of measurements and proportions, materials, stamps, joints, among others.

The diagnosis of the piece is carried out at the Glass House and it is necessary to deliver it in place, along with documentation containing references to the piece’s origin. The time for issuing diagnosis and certification is 30 days from the delivery of the part.

To apply, fill in the furniture certification form.

Instituto Bardi charges a fee to cover the costs of expertise, administration, and research. Every financial contribution to Instituto Bardi supports the maintenance of its archive and the cultural legacy of the Bardi couple.

The Bardi Institute does not certify or issue opinions on furniture photographs.

Instituto Bardi is not responsible for pieces sold or auctioned, attributed to Lina Bo Bardi or Estudio Palma without certification.