Lina +30

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Meeting at Casa de Vidro

Lina +30

Encontro na Casa de Vidro

LINA + 30

March 20, 1992, Lina Bo Bardi dies in São Paulo.

“I don’t know who Lina Bo Bardi is.”

Ruth Verde Zein will present her reflections on how the posthumous recognition reveals unknown aspects of this woman who marks international architecture in this first quarter of the 21st century.

A debate follows with Marcelo Ferraz and Victor Nosek, who were Lina’s collaborators from 1976 to 1992, and Renato Anelli, a member of the Bardi Institute since 2006.

Saturday, March 19, 4 pm.

Live streaming via Instagram

The video will be available on the website and on the YouTube of the PPGAU FAU Mackenzie

Bardi Institute and FAU Mackenzie partnership