Sonia Gomes: Ainda assim me levanto

November 24, 2018 – February 24, 2019 

By result of the partnership between the Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro and the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, which seeks to promote simultaneous annual exhibitions in the two spaces designed by Lina, and also connected by the history of the Bardi couple, the exhibition by the artist Sonia Gomes occupied the first basement of MASP and the living room of Glass House in the same period.

Curated by Amanda Carneiro, the exhibition entitled “Ainda assim me levanto” makes reference to the poem by Maya Angelou, and bridged the gap between the exhibition cycles “Histórias Afro-Atlânticas” and “História das mulheres, Histórias feministas” of MASP, also marking the 70 years of the internationally recognized artist from Minas Gerais.

In the unpublished works produced for the show, Sonia Gomes dialogued with the two architectural projects of Lina Bo Bardi, working with suspension and transparency in her sculptures, made from fabric scraps, the main material of artistic production. For the Glass House, the artist uses discarded wooden trunks, dialoguing directly with Lina’s garden. In this context, Sonia Gomes performs “in loco” intervention on the trunk of the central tree that projects inside the House.

Sewing the fabrics, found at random or offered, and combining them with other materials, Sonia Gomes presents the memories and stories that are impregnated in these fragments, not necessarily explaining them, sometimes hiding them, creating secrets in the bundles volumes, but connecting worlds and inviting the viewer to walk through their own memories while traversing the sutures of their sculptures.