No Jardim de Lina

September 15th – October 27th, 2018

In this exhibition, Lina Bo Bardi’s landscaping project for the Glass House was investigated through the lenses of photographer and plastic artist Claudia Jaguaribe, who after intense research into the architect’s work and residence produced a photographic installation, composed of two sets of structures inspired by the architectural details of the Glass House.

The first set, called “Windows” occupied the center of the great hall, dialoguing with the large glass planes of the space and its iron frames, from a new layer of windows with seven images of the garden, photographed at night, applied over acrylic. The structure and technique play with transparency and external luminosity and overlap, allowing different perceptions of the photographs reflected in the windows, integrated into the outdoor garden.

The second set, “Columns”, placed next to the library, brought together acrylic tubes of different sizes, painted in gray tones, reproducing the support pillars of the Glass House, with a hollow and visible interior. Inside the tubes, the artist presents kaleidoscopic images of external details of the mosaics of tiles and pebbles that decorate the ramp and the walls of the House’s garden.

The artist also carried out an external installation, consisting of seven tree trunks, six with the upper face painted the color of the pillars, as a “negative” of the work in the room, and one in the center with the appearance of carbonized which, according to Claudia Jaguaribe, symbolizes the mourning for the tragic fire at the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro and also a moment of loss in the family. In addition to these works, the artist produced three photographic compositions, exhibited in a gallery, and the photobook No Jardim de Lina, which proposes an imagery journey through the Glass House.