Cinematic Framing

September 19th – November 1st, 2015

After participating in 2014 with the intervention “Tropical Modernism” in the exhibition “Lina Bo Bardi 100” at the Museum Pinakothek der Moderne, in Munich, Veronika Kellndorfer continued her research on the production of the Italian-Brazilian architect. Upon returning to Brazil, the German artist, who investigates architecture through photography, produced five works for an intervention at the headquarters of the Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro, curated by Tereza de Arruda.

Kellndorfer sought to explore some of the powers of the first architectural project built by Lina, such as the dialogue between the interior and the exterior, a result of the transparency of the large windows and their delicate raw linen curtains.

On the outside, the artist also explored the materiality of the fabric, with the work “Velário”, a large curtain with a photographic print, which covered the only external wall of the atrium, visible inside and outside the house from different angles and shapes..

Inside the House, two large-format works are exhibited in the room: “Tree House”, image of the facade of the Bardi’s residence amid the counter-plongée garden, and “Palazzo dei Congressi” represents a window with the building’s closed curtain Roman homonymous to the work, they presented photographs printed in serigraphy on glass planes, installed on the concrete bases of Lina’s crystal easels, superimposed on the windows, objects of study and research by the artist.

Also in the exhibition space, two other works “casa de vidro, triângulo” and “casa de vidro, quadrado“, in smaller format, reveal dichroic glass planes, in layers, with images of the residence printed in silkscreen, producing colored reflections and different looks of the architecture of the house.