Acervo Aberto: O MASP de Lina, croquis de processo

November 1st  – 17th, 2018

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo on Avenida Paulista, Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro organized the second exhibition of the series “Acervo Aberto”, focusing on the iconic work of Lina Bo Bardi and one of the postcards of the city of São Paulo.

As the series aims to present to the public unpublished or little-known aspects of Lina and Bardi’s universe, curator Sol Camacho concentrated the research around sketches of the project’s creation process, bringing together different moments from the conception of the project to the final work. of Lina, including unrealized ideas.

A model of the museum, all in concrete and a vertical garden, reveals to the public a building without the imposing glass façade. Lina elaborated studies with different facades: opaque in visible concrete like its slabs and pillars, inlaid with rolled pebbles and vegetation, with ribbon windows and bib next to the windows, or even adorned with bas-reliefs in the concrete. Another study on the museum’s access staircase proposes a different structure from the angular L-shaped staircase, with sketches of a wide helical staircase inspired by plant forms.

In addition to sketches, original drawings, photographs, the exhibition featured an original letter from Oscar Niemeyer to Lina, written in his own hand by the architect and a model of the spiral staircase, with 3D printing.