Acervo Aberto: o Jardim da Casa de Vidro – um projeto em contínua construção

18th – 30th of September, 2017

With the theme of the 11th Primavera dos Museus, held by Ibram – “Museums and their memories”, Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro inaugurated a new exhibition proposal, called “Acervo Aberto”, which seeks to reveal the Bardi’s collection, consisting of more than 40,000 items such as documents, publications, photographs, architectural drawings, works of art, and other various objects, the from unprecedented thematic approaches.

To start the proposal, the chosen theme was the Glass House garden, a landscape project by Lina herself who, over the years, transformed the open hill of the former tea farm in the region into a massive garden with native and exotic species, responsible for the diversity of the local fauna, composed of green-billed toucans, yellow and red-headed woodpeckers, bem-te-vis, orange thrush, saruês, marmosets and more.

Collectively curated by Sol Camacho, the exhibition featured photographs from different periods, sketches and original annotations, botany books used by Lina and fragments of plant species found in the garden, allowing the public a more comprehensive perception of the projects of the House and the garden, installed in an area of ​​almost seven thousand square meters.

As a complement to the exhibition, which occupied the large hall of the Glass House, the Institute organized, through the Educational Program, workshops with a gardening focus, and also a lecture on the discoveries about landscaping made by the research team of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism from USP – São Carlos, coordinated by Luciana Schenk, who participated in the survey project for the construction of the Glass House Management and Conservation Plan, made possible by the Keeping it Modern 2016 program of the Getty Foundation.