São Paulo, Brazil
October 12th – December 11th, 2016



The exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together, at SESC Pompeia, ended the project’s itinerancy, which went through more than a dozen institutions in different cities in America and Europe. The exhibition paid tribute to the architect and featured productions by Madelon Vriesendorp and Tapio Snellman.

Curated by Noemi Blager, the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together was dedicated to the production of the Italian architect who chose Brazil to live and work and where she later settled. With interventions by Madelon Vriesendorf and Tapio Snellman, the exhibition was a tribute to Lina Bo Bardi and her inclusive philosophy. The works of these artists evoke the architect’s production not only through the representation of elements of some of her works, but also by appropriating ethical and aesthetic procedures performed by Lina Bo Bardi, continuing the intentions and wishes of the architect. Traditions of popular culture were presented in films and objects created or appropriated for the exhibition.

The exhibition accompanied the launch of the reissue of the Bardi’s Bowl armchair, produced by Italian furniture manufacturer Arper. For this purpose, materials relating to the project, developed by Lina Bo Bardi in the early 1950s, were exhibited, as well as some copies of the reprinted piece. The company also made possible, in parallel, an event at the Casa de Vidro to promote the reprint in Brazil.