São Paulo Brazil
October 19, 2017 – February 14, 2018



Organized by MASP, the exhibition Histórias da Sexualidade was dedicated to artistic productions that had sexuality as a theme or argument. From a comprehensive and diverse cut, the exhibition was proposed to debate without interdictions, so necessary for the time and context in which it operates.

Organized after holding two international seminars dedicated to the investigation of sexuality, in addition to several other exhibitions, the exhibition was included in the annual program of the São Paulo Museum of Art dedicated to the subject. With more than 300 works gathered in non-chronological thematic nuclei, the exhibition presented the crossing of times and territories by taking sexuality as a central element for the reading of these works. To this end, MASP selected famous works from its collection to be presented in new contexts and in relation to different works, with new possibilities for reading and perception.

The Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro collaborated with the loan of a piece from its popular art collection. The selected piece, a sculptural ex-voto with a penis, contributes to the exhibition argument by presenting this religious practice of popular tradition under the reading of its immediate bodily aspect.

Fotos: © Eduardo Ortega, © Jorge Bastos