São Paulo, Brazil
April 8th – July 31st, 2016




Organized by MASP, the exhibition Histórias da Infância was dedicated to the representation of childhood in artistic production. Different periods, territories and procedures made up the multiple and plural argument of the exhibition.

In Histories of Childhood, productions from different regions and periods were gathered. They were works of African, Asian, Brazilian, Cuzco and European art in their various languages ​​and temporalities, materialized in sacred, baroque, academic, modern, contemporary and so-called popular art. The exhibition was part of a program carried out by the museum since 2015, in which images and voices that relate narratives of groups forgotten or disregarded by the conventional circuit and in the established historiography of art are exhibited.

For this exhibition, the child and his/her way of seeing the world was taken as a motive and subject. Their voices were manifested in drawings produced by them and included in this selection. In addition, all works were exhibited at a lower than conventional height for museum displays; this resulted in a closer approach to the child’s gaze and experience.

The Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro collaborated with this exhibition by borrowing a work from its collection named “Nossa Senhora com Menino”, from the end of the 19th century, produced in Amazonas. This sacred sculpture was exhibited in the context of the representation of birth and motherhood, alongside several works of a religious nature that attested to a peculiar vision of childhood.

Fotos: © Eduardo Ortega