Elmhurst, United States
June 10 – August 26, 2018

The Glass Houses exhibition, first organized in 2017 at the headquarters of the Bardi Institute / Glass House, was reassembled at the Elmhurst Art Museum, in the United States. From reproductions, elevations and models, Glass Houses presented a comparative study between four projects called glass houses.

Curated by Renato Anelli, Sol Camacho and Ana Lúcia Cerávolo, the Glass Houses exhibition won its second production in Elmhurst. The exhibition compared this work to three other glass houses: the Farnsworth, by Mies van der Rohe, the one by Philip Johnson and the Eames House, all located in the United States. The eight models produced for the exhibition, in addition to the reproductions of drawings and photographs, were represented in Glass Houses, including the American public in this debate that involved modern architecture in South and North America.

At the Elmhurst Art Museum, the exhibition was introduced in one of the galleries dedicated to the exhibition Mies’s McCormick House Revealed: New Views, curated by Barry Bergdoll and organized on the occasion of the opening of the building’s restoration in 1952. With this, the study proposed by the exhibition gained a new contextualizing element. In addition, the assembly promoted the continuity and development of the debate around the use of glass as a prominent material in architecture in the 1950s.