São Paulo, Brazil
February 17th – May 28th, 2017



Organized by MASP, the exhibition Avenida Paulista was designed to investigate its surroundings. The Avenue that houses the iconic building of the Museum, designed by Lina Bo Bardi, served as a pretext for the exhibition, understanding it not only as a physical space, but also an object of reflection on the city’s processes and times.

The exhibition took place in the midst of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the institution of MASP, inaugurated in 1947 at its first headquarters on Rua Sete de Abril. Alongside works that relate to the avenue from a historical and/or representational perspective, the exhibition presented proposals that go beyond the physical limits of the museum, motivated by the ideas of permeability and transparency. Such ideas are protagonists in the building designed by Lina Bo Bardi that now houses the museum, whose architectural and urban vocation are taken as the basis for the exhibition’s proposal.

The Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro collaborated with the exhibition by borrowing a model of the MASP building, produced by Milton Cruz. The artisan used to sell his pieces at the traditional fair that takes place on Sundays in the museum’s open space, where the Bardi couple bought the copy that now makes up the Institute’s collection. This model attests not only to the importance of the place for the construction of a popular imagination about the city, but also to the diversity of uses and flows of the avenue.

Fotos: © Jorge Bastos, © Eduardo Ortega