São Paulo Brazil
26 August – 14 October, 2017




The exhibition Agostinho Batista de Freitas focused on the work of the self-taught artist, highlighting the views of São Paulo that he produced numerous over the years. The exhibition was dedicated to Pietro Maria Bardi, one of the main responsible for the national and international recognition of Freitas.

Curated by Eugenia Gorini Esmeraldo, the exhibition highlighted the artist’s production in the construction of views of São Paulo in different environments and periods. Monuments such as sculptures, churches and architectural landmarks were common reasons for his work. A resident of Imirim, the region was the object of several of his paintings and, thus, the city is represented not only by its architectural symbols, but also by the more intimate atmosphere of the neighborhoods.

Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro collaborated with the exhibition by borrowing a work from its collection, Enchente na Vila Maria. The small painting was presented by Pietro Maria Bardi to his wife, Lina Bo Bardi, in 1955. Bardi was essential to the artist’s recognition, presenting his production in high art circuits after meeting him in 1952, producing and selling his works on the sidewalks from the historic center of São Paulo. Furthermore, years later, in 1966, Pietro Maria Bardi was responsible for appointing Agostinho to compose the Brazilian representation at the Venice Biennale.